I got a giant bone!

Its been a while since my last treat like this. I cant believe Kunal, bought me this giant bone shaped hide. When he brought i

I have met Hanif

Hey guys its Sunday today and i am feeling quite lazy. Kunal has been working quite hard recently and I havent seen Kiana arou

Just resting after a run

Today Kunal took me to the park and we went for a run. It was quite sunny and I was not feeling well, I needed some water. The

Sunny day in palmer park

I always climb this fallen tree in palmer park. Today Kunal finally took a picture of me, I go up there and wait for him but h

Waking by the River Kennet

Kunal seems to be stuck on his phone this week. However we have been going to different places and taking many pictures. I hea

There is a festival in my park

So today we went for a walk to the park as usual and when we arrived I could hear loud banging noise. There seemed to be many

I can use a laptop

Today Kunal left me at my old home and I stayed with Shivani. We spent the day in the room cuddling and then we went for a wal

In the ghetto

Today we went to a different area in the park and I was left off my lead!. I really loved it, there was grass on one side and

Me on the sofa

Kunal was taking pictures with his camera and he took this Hi Key Photograph of me. He told me to sit where I like it the most

I Love Laurel Park

We have been coming to the park for few months now. I really love it here, I can run around freely and its all green for me to

The Sunny Sunday

Today was an exceptional Sunny day, so Kunal and I went for a walk around the area. We went all the way to the park next to Mc