My Walks

Zelda – Ocarina of Time

Kunal keeps playing these lullabies and I think he has named me after the sorts. He told me to get on top of a pedestal at the

Just resting after a run

Today Kunal took me to the park and we went for a run. It was quite sunny and I was not feeling well, I needed some water. The

Good morning to all

I love my morning walks to the park. I get to see my friends, the fresh sun comes out, the grass is soft and moist and I go tt

Walks in the forest

We went to see my friends in Lower Early where I used to live before. I really like it there because of the huge park where I

I hate car journeys

I have come to realize I hate some things in life. Ofcourse the first one goes without saying – showers. The next thing

Sunny day in palmer park

I always climb this fallen tree in palmer park. Today Kunal finally took a picture of me, I go up there and wait for him but h

Waking by the River Kennet

Kunal seems to be stuck on his phone this week. However we have been going to different places and taking many pictures. I hea

There is a festival in my park

So today we went for a walk to the park as usual and when we arrived I could hear loud banging noise. There seemed to be many

In the ghetto

Today we went to a different area in the park and I was left off my lead!. I really loved it, there was grass on one side and

I Love Laurel Park

We have been coming to the park for few months now. I really love it here, I can run around freely and its all green for me to

The Sunny Sunday

Today was an exceptional Sunny day, so Kunal and I went for a walk around the area. We went all the way to the park next to Mc

Raani my friend

Have you met Raani? She is my best friend.

There was water everywhere

I went to the beach again this time, I thought we would walk a bit, play catch etc – but there was a high tide – i

i went to the beach!

Chillin with my homies

So I know these guys pretty well, the guys like me, although all they do is eat and shit hmm

Juhu beach on sundays!

So we came again to the beach and today I got to play with 3 more dogs, – although one of them was quite big and black a

just been on a routine

These past days I have not done much with the human, Ive been sitting at home, going for my regular walks – he seems to

day 6 – the blind day

So today I woke up earlier than usual, once again – but I could not see properly – I think something from the cons

day 5 – friday play time with my friends

The human took me again to carter road where I played with my friends – we were just in time for the sunset.

day 5 – friday walk on carter road

The human took me to carter road, I seem to be enjoying the auto-rickshaw drives again they are quite pleasent and I like the

day 3 – i saw some chickens!

Hello, so today the human woke me up an hour earlier than usual, I was soo tired hmm but we went to our usual walk and I saw s