Zelda sunbathes daily, does your doggo too?

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What do to boy? #zeldathedog

Its a sunday, its a good day, we have walked around already… not sure what else could be done? hmmm View on Instagram ht

Stupid Music

I was trying to sleep in the late hours of the night and Kunal kept playing loud stupid music – this one song woke me up

i went to the beach!

Is she my mother?

Is she my mother? she looks like me somewhat, but she is not friendly at all with me hmm…

good morning

Hello, Just here, chilling with my master!

Just me here with my ears

I did not do much, it seems my master has joined the gym, so he did not have time to take me out hmm…

I got stuck in my harness

Today I was playing around and suddenly I could not move my face, it was quite an annoying feeling, I was going round and roun

just been on a routine

These past days I have not done much with the human, Ive been sitting at home, going for my regular walks – he seems to

im getting better

So if you had been following – I had a small scratch in my eye due to the dust in the house because of construction work

ending the night with a walk

The human is in the mood for walks todays it seems – i was sleeping and he took me for a very long walk – we took

I didint walk but I got some balls

The human did not take me for the walk today, I was all ready for it but it seemed he was busy with the other human who comes

day 2 of no dogs in the park

The human and I have started going on these walks in the mornings, he takes me to the dog playground on this road where many o

I enjoyed that burger

Why does not this human take me with him ever, he always goes outside and closes the door, i still don’t understand. Wha