At Home

Puppy Eyes

It’s official, the dog is back on her period and wearing a diaper. It freaks some people out I tell you, the humanizing

funky smelling mornings

Every morning Kunal wakes up and spends hours inside that room where he takes me for showers. I hate that place, the lighting,

I didint hear Kunal come home

Today I had a very relaxed day, I spent it mostly looking out the window and playing with my new toy Kunal bought for me. It t

I want some attention

I have been sleeping in the other room recently. Kunal doesnt allow me to sleep on the bed anymore, perhaps due to me taking o

I got a new toy

I have a new toy friend to play with! I promiseĀ I will not open it up looking for meat as I did to all my other ones. I am gl

We are having fun

The days seem to be starting to get shorter so Kunal and I are starting to spend more time outside to not miss out in the wint

Where is the ball

I love it when Kunal plays with me. He hides things with food inside and tells me to find them. I really enjoy these game.

He shouted at me

There I was enjoying myself breaking everything apart and then came Kunal. He shouted at me and told me off so badly that I do

Im so tired

Today I just woke up very tired and am not bothered to do anything

I can use a laptop

Today Kunal left me at my old home and I stayed with Shivani. We spent the day in the room cuddling and then we went for a wal

Me on the sofa

Kunal was taking pictures with his camera and he took this Hi Key Photograph of me. He told me to sit where I like it the most

Kunal and I

Today we took a few more pictures to see what we could do. Kunal woke up and the first thing he did was get his camera out and

One of those sundays

ITs one of those sundays where we dont do anything. We just chill indoors and Kunal watches TV the entire day. The positive as

These high walls

Sometimes I wish I could just wonder out on my own and walk all over the world, but then I wouldnt know how to return back to

I couldnt see

I just couldnt see and he left me all alone…